PREP-4  Program

As children embark on their last year of preschool ,our PREP-4 program is here to make sure they’re socially, emotionally, and academically ready for the transition into 1st grade!

Our program creates a strong foundation for your child in all areas of development. It encourages curiosity and helps children engage in logical reasoning, scientific exploration, vocabulary development, creative and expressive skills ,understanding the world and the community and outdoor skills.

Kids at this stage typically develop and strengthen their knowledge of letters. They are natural explorers who learn by taking part in meaningful life experiences, by inquiring, asking questions, inventing and through social interaction.

Numbers are constantly present in life and learning process. This is why our environment is enhanced with tools and materials that support the natural development of math skills.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering ,arts and mathematics) along with Eco-friendly education and practices, sets stronger foundation needed to excel in regular school.


Our integrated Curriculum focuses on encouraging curiosity and building every development area of a child like math and logical reasoning, scientific exploration, vocabulary development and outdoor skills.

Our Curriculum helps children think critically, learn to solve problems and become more independent

Safe, nurturing, home like environment where children feel comfortable and focus on learning

Daily report, regular interaction with school heads, parent teacher meeting, assesments and interactive school management system helps us in understanding each childs need and to be in sync.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) along with Eco-friendly education and practices.

Every child is unique. We develop these unique skillsets - so they can thrive in their own ways.

Children are engaged in independent work and activities in groups to build their social, language, math and literacy skills.

We teach patience and empathy


We provide our parent peace of mind by giving children an environment as nurturing and caring as their home.
Every day is fun filled learning days with exceptional education.