PREP-2 Program

High quality PREP-2 programs can have a tremendous impact on a child’s success in school and life. Our PREP-2 curriculum is not only built on best industry standards, but also another very important one: a partnership between parents, staff, and teachers. We work with you to set and reach clearly defined goals for your child.

Our PREP-2 program encompasses many art and craft, music and movement enrichment programs that are designed to help our children feel included, happy, and empowered. They are free to express themselves in creative ways.

Concept building, intellectually stimulated activities are implemented to help children build them in fun and creative ways. Language development tools and feedback are used to enhance language skills in our children. Children make self-directed, carefully guided choices, participate in small and large groups, and develop the confidence to explore new things.

Every day, the teacher makes the children feel welcomed and important. These feelings of inclusion are necessary for successful learning and cooperation.

The class environment has been carefully prepared for our children by our caring and thoughtful experts. As a result, children are prepared for a lifetime of learning.


Our integrated Curriculum combines skill based learning across different learning domains like literacy, language, maths, science, physical fitness, creative expression, social and emotional development.

With our integrated Curriculum, will enjoy the play experiences that support skill acquisition.

Safe, nurturing, home like environment where children feel comfortable and focus on learning

We connect with each and every parent individually, so we can provide the best curated education and care possible

Learning in teacher guided and intentionally planned sequential lesson to target growth in different skills.

Every child is unique. We develop these unique skillsets - so they can thrive in their own ways.

We use developmentally appropriate process-based activities that important for success in preschool and beyond.

Our Curriculum helps children think critically, learn to solve problems and become more independent


We provide our parent peace of mind by giving children an environment as nurturing and caring as their home.
Every day is fun filled learning days with exceptional education.